"I Lost My Love To The Sea"
by Judith Johnson Kypta

As the waves move across the water
And filtering sun, causes silver skies
I watch with such a feeling of sadness
I am so lonesome.... my heart cries

Hearing ship horns, with haunting echo's
Reminding me .....day after lonely day
It was the "Sea" you chose, as your love
I stood waving while you sailed away

Is it the turbulent movement of her waves
Or the spraying fragrance of salty brine
Anticipation of another aqueous venture
Cherishing her love..... Instead of mine

Time and again, my eyes search the waters
Imagining your ship coming to shore.....
With you realizing , it's me that you love
Abandoning me for the Sea....Nevermore!

Copyright ©2005 Judith Johnson Kypta
Used with permission * All rights reserved

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